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Build a solid foundation to launch and grow your dream dev career in 5 days, regardless of formal education or existing experience.


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A step-by-step path to launch and grow your dev career

So, you're looking to break into the world of web development but you're struggling to actually make it happen.

How do you build a portfolio? Grow a network?

If every job requires experience, how do you ever land that first job?

There's so much out there, what the heck am I supposed to focus on?

The decision overwhelm, the imposter syndrome, the endless loop of submitting applications, never to hear anything.

It's all real, and it all sucks.

Let's end the cycle and get you that coveted first job so you can break into the world of web development.


Who is this for?

Anyone looking to start a new career in web development but struggling to actually make that happen.

We go over the essentials of getting a career started and making yourself attractive to employers, without needing any formal education or existing experience.

The main goal of this challenge is to get you past the initial state of decision overwhelm, where you desperately want to get your career started, but have no clear path forward, or have been trying and failing endlessly to land that coveted first job.

If you're stuck in the Catch 22 of wanting your first job but feeling like it's never going to happen, this free course is your first step and will provide a clear path forward.

Why is this free?

I would not be where I am today without the help of the web development community, both free and paid.

I think there is a large gap in the development education space between going at it completely alone and paying for an expensive boot camp or college.

This free course is my attempt at filling that gap, and for people that want more in-depth, personalized help, but can't afford to spend a fortune on a boot camp or college, I run a paid community for aspiring developers as well.

If enough people resonate with my teaching style and like my free stuff, then I can make a living by teaching aspiring developers how to grow awesome careers with my paid community. Win-win!

Hi! 👋 I'm Ken.

I'm a full-stack developer focusing on building desktop, mobile, and web apps with React.

In 2014 I got my first job as a developer without any existing experience or formal education. I still work full-time as a developer and in my extra time I focus on helping other aspiring developers launch and grow their dream careers.

5 Days. 5 Videos. 5 Action Steps.

Day One

Find Your Focus

First up, eliminate decision and information overload and decide exactly what you should be learning and doing to best launch your career.

Day Two

Build Your Website

On Day Two, you'll create a basic but powerful website to serve as the base of operations for your career growth.

Day Three

Create Your Portfolio

Day Three will consist of learning makes a great portfolio and how to choose your first real-world project to create.

Day Four

Write Your First Post

Now that you've got a website and a project chosen, it's time to start learning and public and writing about what you're working on.

Day Five

Grow Your Network

Finally, we'll look at how to build a valuable network of people that will bring opportunities to you, without being annoying or sleazy.

Are you ready to build your dream dev career?

Join the free challenge so we can get started. Over the next 5 days, you'll lay the foundation for a fulfilling, successful career as a developer, regardless of your existing experience or education.

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