Writer of words and code

My name is Ken. I like helping people live more fulfilling lives.

I write a weekly publication called Lamb & Rattler where I write about how to view and live out the virtues of Christianity and liberty and how to apply them to modern life in order to live the most impactful, fulfilling lives possible and craft the best society possible.

I spend quite a bit of time discussing why we would want to live by these values so if you are someone who is skeptical of them but find the currently espoused philosophies of morality lacking, Lamb & Rattler is for you.

I also help aspiring developers land their first job through my course and community, Lever. In Lever, you'll learn how to build a career as a developer from the ground up, regardless of experience or education.

In addition to these two passion projects, I work as a developer and growth marketer for an incredible agency called Whitelabel.

If you want to get in touch, you can reach out on Twitter or via email at ken@kenrogers.co.